Osram BATTERYstart 200 OBSL200

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Compact and powerful lithium jump starter with power bank feature

The OSRAM BATTERYstart200 is a powerful 6000mAH Lithium Cobalt jump starter for 12V vehicles up to 3L. It can also provide power for other electronic gadgets with a power bank feature that works through USB cables.

An easy way to jump start your car, the BATTERYstart200 protects the user, jump starter and the vehicle with its connect system which features anti-spike, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

The BATTERYstart200 is compact enough to fit into the glovebox and weighs only 300g, making it easier to carry and use than the older models of jump starters.

Highlights & Details

  • Up to 3L petrol engines
  • Power bank function with a fast charging USB port
  • Intelligent terminals
  • Several safety precautions
  • LED flashlight
  • Bag


  • A compact lithium starting aid - easy to transport, To use and store
  • 6000mAh-battery - for small to medium-sized cars and delivery vans with up to 3L petrol engines
  • Power bank function with a fast charging USB-socket - Charge a device while traveling
  • 2 hours charging time - fully charged and quickly ready to use
  • Compact design
  • Power bank function with Fast charging USB socket
  • Fast 2-hour charging time - Micro USB charging cable included
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized cars and vans with up to 3L motors
  • Intelligent terminals securely regulate the power supply between the jump start device and the vehicle
  • Reverse polarity, Short-circuit and overvoltage protection
  • including integrated LED torch
  • including storage bag