Osram LEDriving CUBE MX85-SP - 3.3 inch (single)

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Powerful LED working lights for off-road use

Reliable technology and intense far field illumination: The LEDriving Cube MX85-SP LED high beam brings the two together effortlessly. With four high-performance LEDs, the working light reaches a light distance of up to 110 meters.
The LEDDL101-SP working light ideally equips any car for far field illumination. With a light distance of 110 meters and a beam angle of 13.5, work in off-road terrain can continue even at quite a distance from the vehicle. The 6000 Kelvin color temperature produces daylight conditions.
The LEDriving Cube MX85-SP working lights offer two light functions. One is the classic working light with up to 1250 lumen, and the other is the stylish X shape LED working light.
Along with its compact format and durable craftsmanship, the LED working light scores as a smart enhancement to the vehicle’s off-road style.

Compact and robust with a long lifespan
When it comes to durability and ruggedness, exceptional quality is called for when using the retrofit working light in off-road conditions. The hard-wearing polycarbonate lens meets the toughest demands and reliably defies wind and weather in every terrain.
The LED high beam is also protected against polarity. Full polarity protection automatically breaks the circuit in the event of over voltage, which ensures an especially long lifespan.
The integrated driver and thermal management system also contributes to the search light’s longevity light by preventing overheating during continuous use.

Flexible thanks to excellent compatibility
Because the LEDriving Cube MX85-SP working lights can be installed on many 12 volt vehicles, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether on off-road or construction vehicles, on agricultural or recreational vehicles – the LED working light is a flexible and powerful way to shine light into the darkness.
Important: It should be noted that the LED working light is only permitted for off-road use and is therefore not suitable as direct front-end illumination on roads. In accordance with EMC/EMI, the working lights are ECE R10 certified
The OSRAM Wire Harness AX 1LS or AX 2LS wire harness is recommended for use with this product