LEDriving LIGHTBAR FX250-CB - 12 inch (single)

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Technical Specifications LEDDL103-CB
Light distance 640m@0.25lux 320m@1lux
Hot Lumen: 2700lm
Color temperature: 6000K
Beam angle: 5°
Rated input power: 35W
Input voltage: 12/24V
IP Protection: IP67
ECE: R112 (ECE Ref. 27,5)
Polarity protection
Cable length: 100cm
Weight: 1450g

Fully ECE compliant auxiliary high beam
Combo beam pattern: combined near field & far
field illumination
Increased road safety: Up to 320m light beam
with 5°beam angle
Compact and robust: Unbreakable polycarbonate
lens to endure heavy duty application, over and
under voltage protection
Integrated driver and thermal management
system for a superior lifetime
10 high performance OSRAM LED’s
5-year guarantee1)

Fields of application
Commercial/construction vehicles

High-performance LED auxiliary lights are permitted for use and improve visibility on roads
Not only does reliable and brilliant light improve visibility for drivers,
above all, it improves safety on the road. The LEDriving Lightbar FX250-CB automotive auxiliary
light gives drivers a powerful supplemental high beam that is approved for use on roads.
Even in difficult visibility conditions, the LED auxiliary light provides better perception of
oncoming traffic with ten high-performance LEDs and 2700 lumen. Along with improving one’s own
safety, it improves road safety overall

The OSRAM Wire Harness AX 1LS wire harness is recommended for use with this product