Osram BATTERY charge 908 OEBCS908

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Smart battery charger and maintainer with multi-stage charging cycle

The OSRAM BatteryCharger 908 is a 8A smart charger and battery maintainer for 12V and 24V vehicles including most cars, vans and small trucks. Maintains and charges a vehicle’s battery through a 7 stage charging cycle at the touch of a button for Lithium batteries, with only a 9-stage cycle of Lead Acid/AGM batteries. Includes a backlit LCD digital display to keep things easy even in low light. A host of safety features including reverse polarity and short-circuit protection, keeps both the user and the vehicle safe. Be sure that the charger is maintaining your car battery as it automatically changes to long-term maintenance mode when the vehicle’s battery is full.

Highlights & Details

  • 8 A Charge rate 
  • Digital Display 
  • 4 A Maintenance Charge Rate
  • Lithium Battery 7 Stage charge cycle
  • Lead Acid / AGM 9 Stage charge cycle 
  • Automatic Maintenance mode 


  • Motorcycle, Car, SUV, Van, Small Truck
  • Winter mode 
  • Start / Stop battery compatible 
  • 9 Stage charge cycle for Lead Acid / AGM batteries 
  • 12 /24V compatible
  • LFP Compatible