Osram Halogen Bulbs

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The Widest range of halogen bulbs from OSRAM

We currently stock a wide range of Halogen bulbs from Osram
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Bulb List 
H4 P43t C10W SV8.5-8 H11 PGJ19-2
H7 Px26d C5W SV8.5-8 H8 PGJ19-1
MINIWATT W2.1X9.5D C5W SV8.5-8 H9 PGJ19-5
H3 PK22s SV7-8 H7 Px26d
H1 P14.5s C10W SV8.5-8 H9B PGJY19-5
H15 PGJ23T-1 C5W SV8.5-8 H16 PGJ19-3
H4 P43t C5W SV8.5-8 T4W BA9s
H7 Px26d R5W BA15s R5W BA15s
HB3 P20d R1OW BA15d R10W BA15s
HB4 P22d R5W BA15s H1 P14.5s
H1 P14.5s R5W BA15s H3 PK22s
H15 PGJ23t-1 R10W BA15s H4 P43t
H4 P43t H1 P14.5s H7 Px26d
H7 PX26d H3 PK22s H11 PGJ19-2
HB3 P20d H3 PK22s PY21W BAU15s
HB4 P22d H1 P14.5s P21W BA15s
P21/4W BAZ15d H4 P43t P21/5W BAY15d
W21/5W W3x16q H4 P43t W16W 1x9.5d
P21/5W BAY15d H7 Px26d 1.2W W2x4.6d
P21/5W BAY15d H7 Px26d 1,2W W2x4.6d
HB3 P20d P21W BA15d W5W W2.1x9.5d
HB4 P22d P21W W3x16q WY5W W2.1x9.5d
H4 P43t PY21W BAU15s W3W W2.5x16q
H7 PX26d PY21W BAU15s P27/7W Bx8.4d
H1 P14.5s H27/1 PG13 W21W BAY15d
H4 P43t H27/2 PGJ13 1.2W B8.5d
H7 Px26d HB3 P20d 1.2W B8.5d
H11 PGJ19-2 HB4 P22d 1,2W W2.1x9.5d
H1 P14.5s HIR2 PX22D 2W BX8.5d
H3 PK22s H1 P14.5s WY5W W2,1X9,5D
H4 P43t H3 PK22s T4W BA9s
H7 Px26d H1 P14.5s T4W BA9s
H11 PGJ19-2 H3 PK22s H4 P43t
H8 PGJ19-1 H2 X511 H7 Px26d
HB3 P20d H2 X511 H11B PGJY19-2
HB4 P22d H15 PGJ23T-1 BA9s
H4 P43t H15 PG23T-1